Security of our Windows

Keeping unwelcome visitors out

You need to feel you are safe and secure in your own home, so it’s good to know that we take security very seriously.

Making sure your windows and doors are secure can be a major  deterrent to opportunistic thieves and burglars. 

All our windows and doors  are manufactured to Secured  by Design standards, helping  protect your property for  complete peace of mind. 

Our wide range of modern, contemporary and period style windows  incorporate the latest built-in safety features, including internal  glazing and a locking system for ultimate protection. To provide  enhanced resistance to forced entry, all our windows and doors are  fitted with hinge protectors at the back of the sash. 

We’ve taken the latest anti-bump, anti-snap cylinder technology and  built it straight into our doors, and all fitted as standard equipment. 

We also offer various glass and hardware options for you to choose  from to make your home as safe as possible. 

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